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Great tools and conversion are important, but they aren't enough to operate an efficient Internet affiliate marketing business. Our advanced statistical interface allows our affiliates to effortlessly track the success of their campaigns. The interface gives you immediate feedback so you can make smart decisions regarding your traffic to our affiliate websites.

  Uniq. C.R. Free C.R. Signup Rebill Refund Payout
2010-03-25 1,607 1:30 53 1:8 7 - - $385.00
2010-03-26 7,100 1:36 200 1:2 85 - - $4,675.00
2010-03-27 4,238 1:39 108 1:5 25 - - $1,375.00
TOTAL 12,945 1:36 361 1:3 117 - - $6,435.00
  • Uniques: Unique visitors, counted by unique IP address.
  • C.R.: Conversion rate between the column on the left and the right of the C.R. field.
  • Free: Number of free accounts created.
  • Signup: Number of accounts that payed.
  • Rebill: Number of accounts that rebilled.
  • Refund: Number of accounts that were refunded payment.
  • Payout: Your total payout.

Using this statistical interface, adult affiliates can determine which affiliate marketing programs are most profitable and adjust their campaigns accordingly. LoadedCash has researched and developed many different payout options for our adult affiliate programs. For more information, please see our affiliate program guide.

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