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Top Tours Updated For October

Oct 13, 2016

Top Tours has been updated for all skins. Login and add these top converting landing pages to your arsenal today.

Bow To Your New Queen: For your traffic that’s into BDSM, this sexy little lander will have them begging to convert.


Hottest Asses: This responsive lander that’s got a bit of jiggle will give your leads a preview of the hottest asses on XXXBlackBook.

Submit to Dominatrix Kerry: Things are black and white with Dominatrix Kerry. She tells your leads to convert, they convert. She knows how to get things done.


Registration Page: Customization is at the heart of this landing page. Pick a profile to match your needs and this lander will take care of the rest.

Sweet Discreet
Mingle With a Milf: It’s no surprise that our best milfs lander continues to perform well for this affairs dating brand. Add this landing page to your arsenal for a surefire way to increase conversion.


Responsive Registration: Tailor this responsive landing page with a profile picked by you to give your leads a smooth ride down the conversion funnel.

Sex Play Cam
Asian Dolls: Give your leads a taste of Asia with this sexy responsive lander. This sexy Asian doll has all the right moves.


Registration Page: Tried and true, this no-frills lander continues to convert. Simplicity at its best.

Responsive Cruising: This responsive parallax lander will pique and keep your leads interests. Conversion comes easily with this kind of polish. The tasteful half-nudes don’t do any harm either.


BDSM Doms and Subs: For your kinky gay traffic, this lander engages doms and subs alike.

Black Tryst
Meet Hot Black Singles: No matter what their interests, there’s someone sexy, single, and interested at Black Tryst. This landing page features some of the brand’s hottest members. It’s impossible to say no to these faces.


Responsive Registration: Another classic, this landing page features a pick your own profile feature that lets you customize it to meet your needs.

4 Ways To Segment Your Email List

Oct 13, 2016

Segmentation allows you to serve more relevant content to your recipients, and we all know that relevant content means higher conversion rates are close by. There’s more than one way to slice your email list, and here are 4 ways to do it. Keep in mind, these segment types are best used in conjunction with triggered events or other behavioral-based segments such as engagement levels.

1) Geography

Particularly with the dating industry, leads are more likely to engage with emails that exhibit relevancy in terms of distance. Unlike other businesses where users can buy a product or software that can be shipped or digitally downloaded, your leads are more likely to respond to emails with potential dates in their area.

2) Age

Working with online dating means people of all ages can access our content and product. Does your copy appeal to a 24 year old while still resonating for a 56 year old? Segmentation by age can help you create more powerful email messaging that produces the desired behavior.

3) “Click” Interests

You’ve succeeded in finding a shiny new email address. What are you going to do next? Consider where you acquired the list; this may give you insight to what their potential interests are. As always, test, then adjust in response to engagement levels to maximize conversions.

4) Purchase Patterns

Do you have leads that tend to open and click in the wee hours of the morning? Or, are your leads looking for a little something to break up a dull day at work? Segmentation based on click patterns can help you figure out when to send that extra nudge to transform your leads into conversions.