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Top Tours Updated For November

Nov 18, 2016

Top Tours has been updated for all skins. Login and add these top converting landing pages to your arsenal today.

She Likes It Rough: For your traffic that likes to deviate from the norm, this BDSM lander will have them begging to join in on the action.


Responsive Registration: Consistency’s key. Customize this responsive registration-focused landing page with a profile of your choice for a consistent experience throughout the conversion funnel.

Head Over Heels: Your leads will fall head over heels with this whimsically dynamic landing page that perfectly embodies the playful passion that’s in store for them at iHookup.


Responsive Registration: Customization is at the heart of this landing page. Pick a profile to match your needs and this lander will take care of the rest.

Sweet Discreet
Behind Closed Doors: Give your leads a taste of what happens behind closed doors with this responsive video lander.


Mistress Elena: When Mistress Elena tells your leads to convert, they convert. This sexy responsive lander never fails.

Sex Play Cam
Video Jessica: College girl Jessica shows off her moves on our responsive video lander. She’s a dirty girl that knows exactly how to tease and please your leads.


Watch Local Women: Make their fantasies a reality with this responsive voyeuristic lander. This bombshell blonde has got the backside to get your leads on our side.

Kyle Video: Wearing nothing but a plain white tee, Kyle keeps things real. Your leads will fall for his quiet charm. Oh, did we mention this is a responsive video lander? It is.


Responsive Cruising: Another month in the top spot, this responsive parallax lander continues to keep conversions sky high. Dynamic and sexy, let these guys persuade your leads for you.

Black Tryst
Mingle With a Milf: Showcasing our top 8 milfs, this responsive lander shows that age is nothing but a number.


Like Booty?: This classic landing page gets straight to the point. If your leads like booty, they can get some at Black Tryst.

Should You Optimize For Bing?

Nov 18, 2016

Google is the king of search. Its undisputed reign is supported by the fact that people just don’t “search”, rather they “Google” information they’re looking for. This is why it’s no surprise that SEO experts and marketers alike focus on optimization for Google.

We are beginning to see a rumbling in the kingdom of search. Bing has been slowly and steadily growing in popularity, coming above Yahoo Search for the second most used search engine. In the US in 2015, Google accounted for 64% of search traffic, while Bing had 20.4% and Yahoo had 12.7%.

So the question becomes, why do so many SEO experts and marketers ignore Bing and Yahoo when they account for 33% of the market? While there is a large gap between Google and Bing and Yahoo, 33% is not small enough of a percentile to simply write off. Particularly if you’re targeting the older demographic, with which Bing has become increasingly popular. Another reason to optimize for Bing, is that Yahoo generates its results based on Google and Bing combined, so optimizing for both Google and Bing means you’re likely optimized for Yahoo as well.

Unlike Google, Bing favors older, more established websites. Bing also breaks down search queries by keywords, rather than context. Another key factor for Bing is user engagement. They determine user engagement levels by how quickly a user clicks on a search results and back to the search results page. To combat this, ensure your website loads quickly and is optimized for every device. While Google displays more popular results first, Bing favors local results.